Rural Electricians

In the diverse terrains surrounding Taupo, rural electrical needs can present distinct challenges.

BME offers dedicated rural electrician services, ensuring that even the most remote locations benefit from reliable and efficient electrical solutions. We possess the technical acumen and practical experience required to address the unique demands of rural settings.

From careful maintenance of crucial farm equipment to trenching and backup power, we will keep your rural property running smoothly – and we offer a dedicated 24-hour callout service for emergencies. Our area of service for rural electrical covers the greater Taupo area down to Waiouru, across to Taumaranui, and up to Rotorua.

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BME rural service
Rural Electricians


Infrastructure Wiring

From farmsteads to processing units, our team ensures robust wiring systems that adhere to safety and efficiency standards.

Electrical Farm Equipment

From effluent pumps to dairy sheds, whether it be installing wiring, lighting solutions or general maintenance, we will keep you running safely and effectively.

Irrigation Systems

Efficient electrical setups are vital for modern irrigation. We specialize in installing and maintaining the complex electrical requirements for irrigation systems.

Power Backup Solutions

Recognizing the importance of uninterrupted power in rural settings, we provide backup solutions tailored to various energy needs.


Both functional and security lighting are crucial in rural areas. Our solutions encompass barn lighting, security fixtures, and more.

Equipment Connections

We handle the integration of machinery and equipment with electrical sources with precision, ensuring optimal functionality.

Maintenance and Repair

Rural settings can pose wear-and-tear challenges. We offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services to both appliances and electrical systems to ensure longevity and safety.

Our combination of rural-specific knowledge, technical expertise, and a systematic approach positions us as a trusted partner for rural electrical needs. We also offer a dedicated 24-hour callout service in case of emergency for your peace of mind.

Yes, our team is equipped to handle projects in remote and challenging terrains around the Taupo region.

All installations adhere to industry safety standards. Additionally, our team conducts rigorous testing and inspections post-installation.

Yes, we provide expert consultations to identify and recommend the most efficient and safe electrical solutions for specific rural needs.