Solar Installation

As the global shift towards sustainable energy solutions intensifies, solar installations have emerged as a primary driver of this change.

BME is proud to be a leading installer of solar power systems, panels, and inverters in Taupo, allowing your household to be both efficient and environmentally conscious.


Our team of professionals is trained to design, install, and maintain solar energy systems that align with both the energy needs and architectural nuances of the installation site.

Solar Installation


Consultation & Design

Every location has unique solar potential. Our initial consultations ascertain this potential and help us design a system optimized for maximum energy production.


With a commitment to precision, our installations ensure that all components, from solar panels to inverters, function in harmony. We can install into new builds and retrofit existing homes.


Regular maintenance ensures optimal energy production and extends the lifespan of the installation. Our team offers comprehensive check-ups and cleaning services.

Grid Integration

We facilitate seamless integration of solar systems with existing grid setups, enabling efficient energy distribution and backup.

Efficiency is influenced by factors such as installation location, panel orientation, system design, and the quality of components used. We will work with you and your unique location to design the optimum system to capture as much energy as allowed.

A site assessment, which we offer, will determine the suitability based on factors like roof angle, exposure to sunlight, and available space. If you have a flat roof, we can install adjustable brackets to allow panels to tilt and capture the sun.

With proper maintenance, most solar installations can last 25-30 years, with only a gradual decrease in efficiency over time.

Our installations often include monitoring tools that provide real-time data on energy production, which can be accessed via dedicated platforms or applications.

In short, yes – however it all depends on your energy usage throughout the day and night. Solar power is ideal if you are home a lot during the day and using the power that you generate, and means your payback will be faster.

You can choose between a hybrid or a standard inverter, however we strongly recommend if you have the budget to go for a hybrid inverter. The reason for this is standard inverters are cheaper, but you will not be able to add batteries, whereas a hybrid inverter will allow you to add batteries later should you wish.