Security Solutions

Safety and security are foundational elements of a serene living environment. At BME, our commitment extends beyond generic solutions.

Our tailored home security services in Taupo incorporate the latest technologies and comprehensive features, offering residents unparalleled assurance and peace of mind. Whether you are looking for a secure house alarm, a camera monitoring system, or installation of an automatic gate, contact us for safe and efficient home security installations.

Security Solutions


CCTV Camera Systems

Surveillance is a vital component of security. We install high-definition camera systems that provide clear visuals, both for real-time monitoring and recording. With options for motion detection and night vision, our camera systems offer 24/7 coverage.

Alarm Systems

Responding promptly to potential security breaches, we supply and install alarm systems designed to detect unauthorized access or suspicious activities and alert homeowners instantly.

Automatic Gates

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, automatic gates offer an additional layer of security. Our team specializes in the installation and maintenance of these gates, providing both functionality and style.

Monitoring & Alerts

Through state-of-the-art software, homeowners can monitor their security systems remotely, receiving real-time feeds and instant alerts on mobile devices. We can wire in smoke detectors to these systems as well, alerting you when you are away from home.

Maintenance & Upgrades

Our commitment doesn't end at installation. We provide ongoing maintenance, ensuring systems function flawlessly and introducing upgrades when needed.

Remote Access

Via smartphone apps, you can remote open/close gates and doors, allowing you to remotely grant access to others without the need for a code or key.

Our solutions are highly customizable, designed to fit the unique requirements of each property, ensuring optimal security coverage.

Absolutely. Many of our camera models come equipped with infrared night vision, ensuring clear footage even in low-light scenarios.

The automatic gates we install are designed to withstand varying weather conditions, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Should something fail, we also provide 24/7 emergency electrical services, so you can rest easy knowing we’ll be there to help at any time of day.

You can monitor your system personally through an app, which is the more affordable way, or via a security company.

We recommend replacing batteries every two years, regardless of whether it has run flat or not. Batteries can fail suddenly, and being prepared means you won’t have an outage while you are away from the house.