Indoor air quality plays a significant role in creating a comfortable living and working environment.

BME offers specialized SmartVent installation services into new build homes in Taupo, introducing a technologically advanced ventilation system that actively monitors and manages indoor air quality.


Our systems ensure a healthier atmosphere within properties, mitigating issues related to dampness, condensation, and allergens.



Ventilation Design

Tailored to the specifics of each property, our team designs a SmartVent system that ensures efficient airflow and optimal indoor air quality.


Our certified technicians handle the intricate process of setting up the SmartVent system, ensuring seamless integration with your property's architecture.

Maintenance & Monitoring

Regular inspections and maintenance ensure the longevity of the SmartVent system. Additionally, modern monitoring tools provide real-time insights into air quality.

Energy Efficiency

SmartVent systems are designed to work efficiently, ensuring minimal energy consumption while maintaining the best possible indoor environment.

Air Filtration

As a vital component, our SmartVent systems can come with advanced filtration units that remove potential allergens and contaminants from the incoming air.

SmartVent actively replaces damp, stale air with fresh, filtered air, reducing potential mould growth, condensation, and ensuring a constant supply of clean air.

SmartVent systems are designed for optimal energy consumption, utilizing sensors and intelligent mechanisms to function only when necessary.

For optimal performance, a yearly check-up is recommended. This helps ensure the system’s components, especially filters, are functioning properly.

Both SmartVent and HRV systems aim to improve indoor air quality. However, SmartVent offers a range of ventilation and heat transfer options, including balanced pressure, which works best in modern, airtight homes. HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) systems, also reclaim energy from the outgoing stale air to warm the incoming fresh air, but are often better suited to older, less well insulated homes. The best choice often depends on the specific needs of the property, local climate conditions, and budget. Our team is well-equipped to provide guidance on the ideal solution tailored to your requirements.

Unfortunately, we are only offering SmartVent installations into new build homes at this time.

SmartVent systems are not heating sources, but rather take heat from other places in your house (such as the roof) during the day and move it around the home. You can add in-line heaters or a heat transfer kit if you have a fireplace – ask us at your consultation.