Electrical Trenching

Infrastructure and aesthetics often converge in the realm of electrical work.

BME offers specialized trenching and landscaping services in Taupo, combining the essential task of safely laying electrical groundwork with preserving and enhancing the beauty of the environment.

We have our own trenching equipment and diggers, capable of providing expert underground electrical cabling solutions, whether you are starting from scratch or converting from overground. Our Dingo mini digger can access smaller, tighter places where larger diggers and bobcats cannot usually access.

BME trenching service
BME trenching services
Electrical Trenching


Site Evaluation

Before commencing any project, we conduct thorough site evaluations to understand the terrain, existing infrastructure, and specific client requirements. We will work with other stakeholders including builders and plumbers to ensure efficiency.

Precision Trenching

With advanced equipment and expertise, we carry out electrical trenching activities with precision, identifying any existing services and cable and ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding landscape while meeting the technical requirements of the project.

Safe Electrical Groundwork

Our primary objective is to safely lay down electrical conduits, cables, and other infrastructure, ensuring they're protected and perform optimally for years to come.

Preparing for Landscaping

After our trenching work is completed, we will flatten and prepare the land ready for landscaping.

Safety is paramount. We adhere to strict guidelines, use protective conduits, and maintain optimal depths to ensure the electrical infrastructure remains protected.

Our team employs precision equipment and techniques to limit the excavation area. Post-trenching, we will ensure your land is flattened, restored to its original state or better, ready for landscaping.

The duration varies based on project size, complexity, and specific requirements. After our initial site evaluation, we provide a clear timeline for completion.

Yes, we offer post-installation checks and maintenance services to ensure the longevity and performance of the electrical infrastructure and the accompanying landscape.