Test & Tag

In a professional or public environment, electrical safety is of utmost importance.

BME leads the way in Taupo with our comprehensive Test & Tag services, ensuring that electrical equipment meets strict safety standards and regulations. With our experienced team at the helm, clients can be confident in the compliance and safety of their electrical appliances.

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Test & Tag


Safety Compliance

Our primary objective is to ensure that all electrical appliances within a facility comply with New Zealand's safety standards, minimizing the risk of electrical hazards.

Thorough Inspection

Each item is meticulously inspected for any visible damage, wear, or potential risks before undergoing electrical testing.

Advanced Testing

Utilizing modern testing equipment, we assess the functionality and safety of appliances, ensuring they're free from faults and operate within safe parameters.

Clear Documentation

Following the inspection and testing, clear documentation is provided, detailing the status of each appliance, test results, and any recommended actions.

Regular Scheduling

We understand the importance of ongoing safety. Our team can schedule regular Test & Tag appointments to ensure consistent compliance and safety.

Regular testing and tagging help identify defective electrical equipment before they become hazardous, ensuring the safety of staff and visitors and compliance with safety regulations. Industries such as construction, demolition and mining are required to test and tag appliances every 3 months, but outside of this, employers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their employees and should therefore have all portable electrical appliances tested.

The frequency of testing varies based on the type of equipment and its usage environment. For some appliances in high-risk environments, testing might be required every three months, while others in lower-risk areas might be six to twelve months. Computers and appliances that do not move will usually need testing every five years.

Any device that has a flexible cable, a removable plug and is not low voltage (under 50V) should be tested and tagged. Most electrical equipment used in a work environment should undergo testing, especially if they can be plugged into an electrical outlet. This ensures the safety of both the equipment and its users.